Mind Your Own Business

"Mind Your Own Business" is the TV show where you will learn how to go from "I Gotta Get it Done to It's Done" co-hosted by Belanie Dishong and Michele Mere.

Mind Your Own Business is currently in production and will begin airing on
TV21 KVQT in Houston, TX in August of 2020.

What Does it Mean to Mind Your Own Business?

As a small business owner, you should be focused on 5 things: People, Processes, Products, Prospects, and Profits (not necessarily in that order).

To be successful in these five areas means having a strategy, to set goals and benchmarks and to juggle a lot of moving pieces.

And here is the secret... You must have the mindset to overcome the struggles that arise when you are trying to take these actions.

Mind Your Own Business looks at the combination of strategies and mindset to achieve any goal!

Business Strategist Michele Mere and Mindset Success Strategist Belanie Dishong get it! They have been partnering with clients since 2010 to help them develop effective business and life growth strategies and the mindset to overcome the struggles that arise when they try to take action.

Transformation is the name of the game! Join Michele and Belanie as they help others take their "I Gotta's" to "I Got it Done".

Meet Your Hosts


Michele Mere is a serial entrepreneur who has spent a lifetime building businesses including a grocery store, a wrecker service, a trucking company, a house flipping business, and a consulting business, to name a few. In 2007, she sold her family trucking company and retired. In 2010, she started her consulting business, Decisive Minds to help small business owners with the ideas, the know-how, the path, and the determination that she used to build her own businesses. Michele's business expertise has been highlighted during a recent speech at Harvard and on NBC, CBS, Fox, Entrepreneur.com, and Forbes.com. She is also a Stevie Award-winning business consultant and best-selling author


Belanie Dishong is a mindset success strategist and is known for her ability to design mindsets that overcome struggles in relationships, careers, and money.  She built a system that has helped thousands of people move beyond ordinary to extraordinary results.  She started Live At Choice 25 years ago when friends wanted her to teach them how she turned her own relationships and career around through the impact that mindset has on the way life shows up. The Live At Choice system helps you to easily identify the issues that prevent you from living an extraordinary life and helps solves these issues permanently. Belanie has shared her mindset wisdom with audiences at PayPal, Gallaudet University, Kaiser Permanente, Harvard Business School, and West Point. Her expertise has also been seen on NBC, CBS, Fox.

Mind Your Own Business