Small business owners begin their journey certain they will make lots of money, have more time to do what they want and be able to show the world (and their family) how successful they are. After all, they are really great at something and somewhere along the way they thought they could make some money doing it on their own or one of their friends told them they could.

Quickly they find out that their ideas, excitement and even their surefire business plan weren’t enough. The facts are that sales do not happen as quickly as they think, there isn’t enough money to cover the business expenses and most small business owners have to take a part-time job just to support themselves while they are waiting for their business to take off.

These struggles bring about fear and doubt that soon leads them into the dark ally of the unknown. They can’t see what to do next and the struggle grows as the fear overtakes them. Often their ego and the struggle lead to making rash decisions and the inability to see how to get beyond the fears.

The problem is they are missing the two components necessary for success!

They are missing the strategy to build beyond the initial idea.
And a mindset to move beyond the fears.

Business Strategist Michele Mere and Mindset Success Strategist Belanie Dishong get it! They have spent the last 10 years partnering with small business owners to help them develop effective business growth strategies and the mindset to overcome the struggles that arise when they try to take action on the strategies.

After helping hundreds of business owners build successful, money-making businesses the most logical next step for them was to take their business strategy and mindset knowledge to a bigger platform.

It’s Show Time!

Mind Your Own Business is an exciting opportunity for Michele and Belanie to share their expertise with a national audience.

Michele describes the show as the point where MSNBC’s The Profit meets OWN Network’s Iyanla Vanzant.

Over a period of 12 months, the duo will work with three small businesses to help them create a growth strategy for their businesses, help them act on the strategy and discover, face and address the mindset hurdles that prevent them from acting on the strategy.

You will watch these business owners make hard decisions, struggle with the frustrations and celebrate the wins. You will get the inside scoop on what it really takes to build a successful business.

Successful small business owners have an idea, a Solid Strategy and a Successful Mindset that is relentless.

As a Business Owner, have you ever felt like you were
riding a roller coaster?

Michele and Belanie have created a system that helps business owners increase cash flow, cultivate a powerful team, attract customers, and grow their business.

MYOB excertps

Meet Your Hosts


Michele Mere is a serial entrepreneur who has spent a lifetime building businesses including a grocery store, a wrecker service, a trucking company, a house flipping business, and a consulting business, to name a few. In 2007, she sold her family trucking company and retired. In 2010, she started her consulting business, Decisive Minds to help small business owners with the ideas, the know-how, the path and the determination that she used to build her own businesses. Michele's business expertise has been highlighted during a recent speech at Harvard and on NBC, CBS, Fox,, and She is also a Stevie Award-winning business consultant and best-selling author


Belanie Dishong is a mindset success strategist and is known for her ability to design mindsets that overcome struggles in relationships, careers, and money.  She built a system that has helped thousands of people move beyond ordinary to extraordinary results.  She started Live At Choice 25 years ago when friends wanted her to teach them how she turned her own relationships and career around through the impact that mindset has on the way life shows up. The Live At Choice system helps you to easily identify the issues that prevent you from living an extraordinary life and helps solves these issues permanently. Belanie has shared her mindset wisdom with audiences at PayPal, Gallaudet University, Kaiser Permanente, Harvard Business School, and West Point. Her expertise has also been seen on NBC, CBS, Fox.

Meet The Team


Show Branding Expert – Jena Rodriguez

Jena Rodriguez, a Brand, Business and Brave Strategist and founder of Brave Masters is committed to boosting brand clarity, catapulting profits and unleashing the potential of entrepreneurs internationally. She teaches business owners how to capitalize on their “natural” abilities, express their brand effectively & package and price their greatest strengths so that they can create a world-changing brand. For more than a decade, as an entrepreneur, she’s learned that the ONE thing needed to reach one’s fullest potential in life & business is BRAVE. This is a MUST for a brand to stand out! With that, Jena has helped clients surpass multiple 6-figures and 800% increases in their business!


Show Website Expert – Paul B. Taubman, II

As the Chief Online Strategist of Digital Maestro, Paul B. Taubman, II has his roots deep in the world of technology.

Paul has learned how to teach all this “technical stuff” to non-techies! He is a master instructor at taking the obscure and complex and explaining it in a simple, fun, and educational way. Paul educates his clients when working with them; it does not matter if he is building a site for them, or to teaching them how to make their online strategy profitable.

Your stress levels will melt away after working with Paul as you take control of your website and turn it into a profit machine.


Show SEO/Traffic Expert – Jeff Arnold

For more than 30 years Jeff Arnold has been in leadership roles from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. Having led several companies through periods of tremendous growth. He has supervised start-up and turnaround teams for McDonald’s Corporation and served on the property start-up team for a $5 billion hotel/casino company. Prior to launching his own Internet marketing company he was the Executive Vice President of a mortgage banking firm doing over $2 billion in origination yearly.

Jeff first started using Infusionsoft in 2007, and his brain has been constantly thinking about how to automate everything in his life. When asked any question related to technology, the answer is “Yes. It’s just a matter of ‘How’”. In addition to Infusionsoft Consulting and Google AdWords management, Jeff's Company, 4Spot Marketing, does Facebook Management, website design, and SEO for their clients.


Show Producer – Orgena Rose

Founder of Divine Spirit Network and Sacred Rose Productions. Having appeared on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Oprah, Today, Conan, PBS, Universal and Disney, Orgena Rose has combined her over 25 years in the arts and being one of the first online entertainment producers with her spiritual journey to create transformational TV programming that reaches people around the world 24-7.

She has worked with top companies such as Disney, Universal, Petsmart, and Blue Cross, appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies where her original music is featured, sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Lea Michele and Audra McDonald, and shared the stage the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith and other great luminaries.

Meet The Businesses

Skinny Sculpt Med Spa, Houston, TX

Skinny Sculpt Med Spa, LLC – Clear Lake, TX

Watch as Skinny Sculpt starts the year in re-build mode. Skinny Sculpt Med Spa focuses on fat reduction using non-invasive procedures. After being open for 3 very successful years, unfortunate circumstances had the business close in mid-2017. Owner Dustin Moore, met Belanie and Michele a few months after the company closed. Now the three are partners in the business. Although financially successful the company got in trouble due to a lack of systems, a terrible company brand and a website that is almost painful to look at. Not to mention a mindset issue that cost Dustin almost everything he had.

KVQT 21 TV Station-

Conroe, TX

Nationally local TV stations are growing quickly. Gary Parker and Crystal Rabson have been partners in the station for several years and are ready to take the station to the next level. It currently has a reach of 2 million people in Houston and surrounding areas and they have been focused on both TX programs and business programs. They have big dreams for the station however, the day to day, make enough money to pay the bills cycle has kept them from taking action on these growth ideas. Seems like a great place for us to start working.

The Total Look Salon Lake Charles, LA

The Total Look Salon –

Lake Charles, LA

The Total Look Salon is a full-service hair salon. Owner Sheree McNease began the salon over 25 years ago. It quickly became a premier salon in Lake Charles without even having a website. After 25 years things have started to shift. The new stylist in the salon are all in their mid-20’s and their approach to styling and business are different. Watch as the team creates an online presence for the salon and works to help Sheree and the whole team of stylist create unity in the salon and build the business.

If you find yourself struggling with your business and feel like Michele and Belanie could make a difference for you, apply here to be considered for Mind Your Own Business.